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Reading order of my papers to date

Having been very busy undertaking the AIR research project recently, I have had little time to update the Blog, apologies! However, Below is a suggested reading order for my research publications to date. While the topics have not been written in order, they form an overall story as to why the interfaces of railway-based systems and their enviornment should be effectively managed to enable future sustainability. If you would like to see any of these papers, please do let me know!

  1. Darroch, 2014 - A brief introduction to London’s underground railways and land-use (Journal of Transport and Land Use);

  2. Darroch, 2012 - London’s Deep Tube Railways: Visibly Invisible (MA Dissertation);

  3. Darroch and Ling, 2021 - The need for coordinated planning of urban change and urban management in the vicinity of metro infrastructure, an example of Los Angeles Metro (With publisher);

  4. Darroch, 2019 - Towards an understanding of the complex relationship between underground urban space and its environment, with particular focus on urban underground metro infrastructure in London (PhD thesis);

  5. Darroch, Beecroft, and Nelson, 2021 - Developing standardised processes for the comprehension and sharing of multi-disciplinary interface data for railway-based systems and their environment (With publisher);

  6. Darroch, Beecroft, and Nelson, 2016 - A conceptual framework for land use and metro infrastructure (Journal of Infrastructure Asset Management);

  7. Darroch, Beecroft, and Nelson, 2018 - Going underground: An exploration of the interfaces between underground urban transport infrastructure and its environment (Journal of Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology);

  8. Darroch, 2020 - Why is there a need to understand the interfaces between railway-based systems and their environment? ([podcast] presented at IAM Virtual Global Conference 2020);

  9. Darroch, Beecroft, and Nelson, 2021 - A qualitative analysis of the interfaces between urban underground metro infrastructure and its environment, in London (With publisher);

  10. Darroch and Sapcote, 2021 - untitled – discusses the AIR research with a railway partiicpating railway company the AIR research project is currently working with (In production - 2nd International Conference on Infrastructure and Construction).


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