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This page contains some of the many  lecture, conference, and presentation slides, I have employed over the years. They have been arranged on this page to create a story of the development of urban underground metro infrastructure and its environment. That story informs the reader why more multi-disciplinary consideration of how transport infrastructure and its environment are interconnected and interdependent than seems to be currently given consideration in published academic, practitioner, and popular literature.

When looking through them you may find typical pictures and topics arise, its normally once half way through a different message relating to managing the interfaces of transport infrastructure occurs.

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Call for participation

The densification of urban environments, globally, requires effective processes for the analysis of the presence, property, and protection interfaces between railway-based transport infrastructure and its environment. (E.g, heavy rail, tramway, light rail, metro). Subsequent sharing of that data within railway-based infrastructure managing organisations and with their interfacing urban stakeholders contributes to:  

  • organisational cost and time savings;  

  • Enhancement of the safe presence and operation of transport infrastructure and its environment; 

  • effective implementation of asset and urban management processes; and  

  • the development of effective sustainable transport and urban management policies and planning.  

The AIR Research Project, within the Centre for Transport Research at the University of Aberdeen, UK is seeking the participation of railway-based transport organisations, internationally, to participate in the research. This will see the development and application of organisational and internationally applicable standardised processes of evidence-based data gathering and sharing, relative to the interfaces of railway-based infrastructure and its environment. Subsequent benchmarking of participating organisations employing the AIR processes will be undertaken, thus developing a global comprehension of the effects and affects of the interfaces of railway-based infrastructure and its environment. 

If you or your organisation would be interested in participating in this research, which will run between September 2020 and May 2023, please contact the research project co-ordinator, Dr Nathan Darroch, Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Transport Research, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, UK: nathan.darroch@abdn.ac.uk. Example interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment can be found at www.nathandarroch.co.uk


Oxford circus.png

November 2014

This presentation discusses the historical development of land acquisition for London's Underground railways and how this affects the interfaces with its urban environment. This was part of the early research for my PhD and when considered with the other slides shows the reasoning behind my research, and its suggested importance.

It was presented to TfL members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, as part of their Continuing Professional Development.

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Central line suburban.png

April, 2015

This presentation discusses the interfaces between railway (not just urban underground metro) infrastructure and its suburban environment. This is very different, but related, to my other work, which is currently focused on my university research. The topic presented here will be post doctoral work, but still important to understand.

It was presented to TfL members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, as part of their Continuing Professional Development.

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Picc Circus section.png

21 February 2018

This lecture discusses how changes in technology enabled and assisted development of the Underground railway, and how it interfaces with its environment.

It is given as part of the Fearsome Engines course, at the University of Aberdeen, where I guest lecture.

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Railway environment, Willesden Green.png

8 February 2018

This lecture focuses on why infrastructure asset managers must understand the railway and its environment and the related infrastructure therein.

This presentation was given as part of the MSc in Transport Engineering and Asset Management, Railway Asset Management module, at London South Bank University, where I guest lecture.

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Understanding the interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment: how the past explains the present, and the future

British Library property.png

January 10, 2010

This presentation was given at the IAM Asset Management Conference in London, on 27 November 2018. It argues that as urban metro infrastructure is some of the oldest modern use of urban underground space, it can provide effective examples of asset management for the present and future.

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Metropolitan Railway Construction


This presentation was given as part of the Transport for London Corporate Archive series of lunch time talks. The talk discussed how archival research is essential to enable effective asset management, today, and in the future. This is one of the outputs from my PhD research. Without an understanding of historical events that enabled and caused today's transport infrastructure and urban design, effective asset management of the whole of the urban environment cannot be undertaken to ensure an effective future of that urban environment and its transport network.

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Sao Paulo Metro.png

January 10, 2010

These slides were used for a workshop as part of my PhD research. They were presented (in Portuguese, but with me speaking English) to members of the Metropolitano de São Paulo, Brazil, on 9 May 2018.

Their relevance to this website is that they show the development of the operationalising the Conceptual Framework workflow developed through my PhD research.

My grateful thanks go to those people who participated in the workshop and gave me a week to remember!

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Ray Street area.png

11 January 2018

This presentation presents an alternative perception of urban underground metro infrastructure (UUMI) in London. Namely from the perspectives of historical geography and why this is important.

The presentation was given as part of the Transport & Mobility series of talks at the Institute of Historical Research.

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Sewer crossing.png

3 August 2017

The lecture discusses the importance of understanding the metro and its environment, and why this is important. It gives an example of when things go wrong; and another of when things go right.

This presentation was given as part of a workshop event, I attended in Brazil. Among other attendees I was invited to present a lecture at the local Federal University of Santa Catarina-Campus, Joinville, Brazil.

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Piles Old Street, 2013.png

5 December 2016

This short presentation demonstrated the essential work of the London Underground Infrastructure Protection team. It used an example of where things went wrong (not a London Underground managed site!); and one where it went very well (a London Underground site).

This presentation was given as part of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Railway Division Young Members Christmas Technical Forum: Engineering Challenges Posed by Infrastructure Upgrades.

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