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Examples of the interfaces between transport infrastructure and its environment

This website is all about the presence, property, and protection interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment. It argues that only through effective comprehension of the occurrences of those interfaces, how, when, where, and why they occur, can effective sustainable urban management occur, now and for the future.

While the AIR research project pages give the academic (theoretical with practical outputs) considerations of the interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment, the following pages present very simple real life examples of the occurrence of those interfaces. 

Due to the nature of my research, I have split the case studies in two two types:

At the beginning of each section of the case studies some context as to how these findings were arrived at and their applicability to the AIR research project has been provided. The introductory pages provide links to the different case studies for ease of reference.​

The conceptual framework representing the interfaces and sub-interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment. Souce: Darroch et al., 2016.

Figure 1 The Conceptual Framework.jpg
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