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Interfaces of other infrastructure

On this page, are presented some international occurrences of the interfaces between different types of transport infrastructure and their environment, identified through the 2014-2019 research (Darroch, 2020).

At the bottom of this page are links to example case studies of different types of urban infrastructure and their environment. Each case study is a simple representation of why it is essential to develop a standardised process of analysis and sharing of data between interfacing stakeholders to ensure effective urban management.

    Context of the examples

It is not just urban underground metro infrastructure which has an interconnected and interdependent relationship with its environment. All infrastructure has these interfaces and all infrastructure affects and is affected by its environment.

Fig.1, shows one such example of the interfaces between urban infrastructure and its environment in the form of a tramway passing through a building in DenHaag, Netherlands. Within the scenario shown in Fig.1, the principles of the presence, property, and protection interfaces occur, just as they do for urban underground metro infrastructure. Where something is present, someone owns it, and its safe presence and operation must be maintained.

Fig.1: Photograph showing the physical interfaces of an urban tramway and urban infrastructure in the centre of DenHaag, Netherlands. Source: Nathan Darroch.


To demonstrate how transport and urban infrastructure interfaces with its environment in the short and long-terms, this section presents some specific examples. These examples are used to demonstrate how, when, where, and why those interfaces must be comprehended, accommodated, and managed effectively for the whole life presence of that infrastructure and its environment.

The following simple case studies present some of the considerations required for sustainable urban management, now and for the future:

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  1. A utilities subway in Paris, France;

  2. An example of a tramway within a building;

  3. Examples of highway and building interfaces;

  4. Effects and affects of urban change and urban management.

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