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Two new updates!

Having been quiet for a while, I have two new updates on the University of AIR research project.

First is the publication of the new UoA AIR web page, which gives a bit of authority to the project, which describes the aims, objectives and outputs of the research. This is in addition to this website.

The AIR Research Project is still seeking participants, so if you would like to participate, get in touch!

The AIR GIS presents evidence-based multi-disciplinary data gathered through the application of the standardised AIR approaches to analysis of the interfaces between railway-based infrastructure and its environment.

AIR GIS at Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, London (Above); and Smithfield Meat Market, Farringdon, London (below).

The coloured shapes overlaid on the mapping represent the presence, ownership, rights, and responsibilities interfaces of railway-based infrastructure and its surrounding environment. The occurences represented can be clarified through the legend (accessed through a box on the top left hand corner, in the GIS, through the menu bar). Imbedded within each shape is the evidence-based information clarifying how, when, where, and why the interface occurs (in the GIS, click a shape to see the data). You can even change the map to imagery!

Sharing this data across a railway-based organisation and with its interfacing stakeholders enables efficiencies in asset data management, application of BIM, increased safety awareness, and cost and time savings in transport and urban management. The ultimate aim of the AIR research project, described in this website and on the UoA AIR website.

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