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Why have a website about the interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment?

Welcome to my first proper blog on the newly revamped website. This blog is a brief explanation of why I developed my website about the interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment.

Transport infrastructure does not exist in isolation. It is part of a larger interconnected and interdependent environment. Transport infrastructure affects and is affected by its environment; and that environment has affected and affects the design of transport infrastructure (Darroch 2012; 2014; 2020; Darroch et al., 2016; 2018; 2020a).

To enable the safe continued presence and operation of that transport infrastructure and its environment, there needs to be comprehension of how, when, where, and why they affect one another (Darroch, 2020; Darroch et al., 2016;2018; 2020a; 2020b). The transport infrastructure and its environment do not, therefore, have boundaries (the transport infrastructure stops here; the environment starts there). They have interfaces, "a situation, way, or place where two things come together and affect each other", Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Having an interest in transport for many years and having worked as an asset manager within the transport industry, through my academic work ((Darroch 2012; 2014; 2020; Darroch et al., 2016; 2018; 2020a), I recognised that interfaces of transport infrastructure and its environment have multi-disciplinary considerations of what, where, how, when, and why those interfaces occur (Darroch, 2020). Where those multi-disciplinary considerations have legal (contract and statute/legislation), historical, geographical, urban and transport planning, asset management, socio-economic, and civil engineering, factors (Darroch, 2020).

While all of these are considered individually within popular, academic, and professional literature and practice, there appeared to be no: multi-disciplinary approaches to analysis of the interfaces; methods of evidence-based data and reasoning, gathering for the occurrences of the interfaces; or processes for sharing standardised best practices for analysis, interface management, or data sharing between interfacing stakeholders, internationally (Darroch, 2020; Darroch et al., 2020b).

So I decided to do something about it, and here it is, along with my continuing research! The website presents many and varied occurrences of the interfaces of transport and other infrastructure and its environment to assist stimulation of discussion of this topic, among many and varied interested parties.This is in addition to my academic and professional literature publications and presentations, which can be found on the presentations page and within the Bibliography.

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